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5 Tips to Turn Your Child Into an Active Reader January 30, 2020

West Village, Manhattan
5 Tips to Turn Your Child Into an Active Reader, Manhattan, New York

When your preschooler begins learning how to read, they’re growing valuable comprehension skills that will benefit them throughout their life. Being an active reader is more than just taking in the text. It also involves thinking critically about the themes and details of a story. Here’s how you can help your child start building preschool reading comprehension skills.

How to Help Build Good Reading Habits Early On

1. Ask Open-Ended Questions

Asking questions throughout the text will ensure your little one keeps thinking about what you’re reading. Ask them why a character made a certain choice, or what they think will happen next. Make sure your questions are open-ended; encourage your child to give more than yes or no answers.

2. Make Connectionspreschool reading

Part of what draws children to stories is that no matter how novel or imaginative the concept, there are always elements that connect fictitious worlds to real life. Relating to the story helps keep kids engaged while teaching them more about the world. You might mention that your family had the same meal the main character is having, or that they like the same activities your child likes. See if your preschooler can make connections on their own as well.

3. Chart Out Story Elements

Map out elements of the story as you read. When you finish, see if your child can parse what’s important. If kids can determine key points in the text, they’ll have a more comprehensive understanding of what they’re reading. Draw a chart and make categories for details like setting, characters, problems, and resolution.

4. Describe Scenes Together

As you read together, tell your child to visualize the scenery. This will help them utilize their imagination to focus on what’s happening and bring the story to life. Describe what you’re visualizing or draw a picture, and have your child do the same. Compare and contrast your descriptions and ask why they think you imagined the scene differently.

5. Provide Feedback

Giving constructive feedback is an essential part of active preschool reading. Don’t be afraid to gently correct your child if they got a detail wrong, and ask them to expand on their thoughts and feelings about the story. When children are encouraged to think critically and reflect on their understanding of a story, they’ll become better readers.



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