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5 Benefits of Having a Whole-Home Backup Generator February 3, 2020

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5 Benefits of Having a Whole-Home Backup Generator, Walton, Missouri

Experiencing a blackout is never a pleasant experience. With many, if not all, appliances dependent on electricity, a host of issues arise. There are no lights, the heating or air conditioning doesn’t work, food starts to spoil, and water pump service stops. Having a whole-home backup generator prevents all these issues and more. Here are five clear benefits of installing a backup generator at home.

Advantages of Whole-Home Backup Generators

1. Improve Safety

Not having any lights working inside and outside of the house is unsafe. This is especially dangerous for seniors or children, who have a harder time navigating in the dark. With a whole-home generator, your home will have plenty of electricity to power your lights during a blackout.

2. Avoid a Pricey Hotel

If there’s an extended outage during the colder months, the lack of power will prevent your HVAC system from keeping your home warm, forcing you to move your family into a hotel. These rooms for rent can get expensive, especially if you’re staying for an extended period.

3. Keep Food From Spoiling

Pump ServiceThe food in your freezer and refrigerator will start to melt and go bad after a certain period without power. If you’re stuck in your home for several days due to bad weather, risking getting sick from rotten food is dangerous. A generator will cover your electricity needs for multiple days, allowing you to safely eat the food left in the fridge.

4. Maintain Water Flow

If you have a well pump serving water to your home, a power outage will stop the pump service and halt the operation of your taps. A whole-home backup generator will have enough power to keep the water flowing to your home for several days, so you can continue cooking, showering, drinking, and washing your hands.

5. Prevent Flooding in Your Basement

The sump pump in your basement needs electricity to operate. A sudden blackout will prevent any pump service and could cause flooding in your basement, leading to irreversible damage. A backup generator will help protect your basement from flooding in a storm.


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