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5 Defensive Driving Tips for Teenagers February 13, 2020

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5 Defensive Driving Tips for Teenagers, Cookeville, Tennessee

Statistics show that, compared to adult drivers, teen motorists are more likely to get involved in fatal car crashes. Whether these outcomes are due to inexperience or shorter attention spans, they’re still largely preventable. By sharing the basics of defensive driving, parents can help their teens avoid collisions, including those that aren’t their fault. If you want to have greater peace of mind that your child is safe on the road—and avoid the need for car insurance claims—here are five important practices to teach as you practice behind-the-wheel skills together.

5 Ways Teen Drivers Can Avoid Accidents

1. Yield When Wary  

It’s not always easy to determine who has the right of way, and in some cases, other drivers may ignore these rules for a variety of reasons. If a teen motorist is unsure of whose turn it is—or whether the other driver is going to stop—they should yield to let them pass so that a collision can be avoided.

2. Obey Speed Limits

About one-third of accidents involve a speeding driver. If a motorist obeys the speed limit—and decreases their speed in inclement weather—they’ll have more time to stop if a hazard appears ahead of them. Teach your child that speeding is never safe and that being late is better than getting in an accident, risking injury, paying for traffic tickets, and seeing their car insurance rates climb.

3. Don’t Tune Out

car insuranceConditions can change in an instant on the road, so new drivers must know that they need to stay focused at all times. To reduce the risk of lost attention, teens should avoid common distractions—such as texting, turning to talk to other passengers, eating, playing with the radio, or putting on makeup.  

4. Maintain Proper Following Distance

No matter what the conditions, it’s critical for drivers to follow behind other cars at a distance of at least three seconds. In bad weather, the following distance should be increased even further. This space gives motorists enough time to fully brake without crashing into the back of the car ahead of them.

5. Get Enough Sleep

Getting behind the wheel when tired can be just as dangerous as driving drunk. Specifically, being drowsy can slow one’s focus and reaction time, which may make it harder to respond to road hazards. Young drivers can avoid drowsy driving by getting enough quality sleep every night as well as by asking parents for a ride if they aren’t confident in their wakefulness.


Watching your child learn how to drive can be both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. Fortunately, by offering reliable coverage to teen drivers, Lafever Insurance Agency can give you greater confidence against the unknown. And while this class of motorists does present a higher risk, this independent agency strives to make their young driver insurance policies as affordable as possible. To learn more about the auto insurance solutions they offer in Cookeville, TN, visit this provider online. For a free car insurance quote, call a friendly agent (931) 526-3377.

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