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Does Your Business Need Roof Repair or Replacement? January 28, 2020

Clarksville, Howard
Does Your Business Need Roof Repair or Replacement?, Clarksville, Maryland

The roof of your business is essential to protect the building and your investments from weather damage. If there's a leak, you’ll need roof repairs or replacement quickly to keep the problem from getting worse. While you may lean toward repairs as the cheaper option, a replacement can sometimes save you money in the long run. Here's how to tell which one you need.

When to Choose Roof Replacement

Roof RepairReplacement is likely necessary if you expect more leaks in the near future. Too many roof repairs can end up costing more than a new structure. Consider how extensive the damage is now; if there are many holes, the roofing material is likely wearing out.

Also, think about the age of the roof; asphalt shingles last about 20 years before they start to fail, while rubber roofing lasts about 50 before repairs become frequent. You may also need a new roof if the structure has been damaged by storms or falling branches, or if you want to save money on cooling and heating. Many energy-efficient options are available today that may not have existed when your building was built.

When to Choose Roof Repair

If your roof is relatively new and only has a small amount of damage, it's probably not worth the cost of a full replacement. Have your contractor examine the roof for any areas of concern. One or two leaks are quick and easy to fix. You might also be able to replace your flashing or add a roof coating instead of a full replacement, as long as you catch the problem early.


When you need roof repairs, contact Marshall's Contracting in Fulton, MD. Serving Howard, Carroll, Frederick, Baltimore, Anne Arundel, and Montgomery counties for over 30 years, they're fully licensed and insured. They also have experience with a range of roofing systems, including metal and rubber options. Call (410) 406-7667 for more information or visit their website to get started.

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