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3 Benefits of Adding Your Spouse to Your Car Insurance February 17, 2020

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3 Benefits of Adding Your Spouse to Your Car Insurance, Scottsboro, Alabama

Combining your finances and extending insurance coverage may not be the first task on your mind after getting married, but it does help protect the life you’re building. If you drive each other’s vehicles, even just once in a while, adding your spouse to your auto insurance policy is an important step that can save money and even prevent expensive lawsuits. Below are a few reasons to add your spouse as an insured driver on your auto insurance.

3 Reasons to Add Your Spouse to Your Auto Insurance Policy

1. Insurance Companies Require It

Auto insurance companies typically require you to list every licensed driver in your household, even if they don’t drive your car very often. This includes your spouse, older relatives living with you, and teen drivers who have a valid license. This information helps them evaluate the risk of someone causing an accident while borrowing your car.

2. You’ll Be Covered in an Accident

auto insuranceIn most cases, your auto insurance follows the vehicle, so it should cover the damage if a friend or neighbor causes a crash. However, if your spouse isn’t listed on the policy, they may deny the claim entirely, leaving you on the hook for damages.

3. Your Premiums May Go Down

Adding another driver to your policy may increase your premiums, but you may qualify for discounts that more than offset the cost. For starters, insurance companies usually have lower rates for married drivers, and you may be able to save more with a multi-car discount and bundling your auto insurance with your homeowner’s policy.


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