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A Guide to SD-WANs for Business February 17, 2020

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A Guide to SD-WANs for Business, ,

As communication technology and business strategies evolve, professionals are looking for new ways to stay connected. Often this involves improving familiar systems to align them with today’s challenges. Experts in computer IT services have been relying on WANs for decades, and now they’re moving to SD-WANs.

What is a WAN?

WAN stands for wide area network, and it’s essentially a network connecting devices and applications to a core data center. It could be thought of as a mid-sized, invite-only internet that allows authorized users to communicate and work together.

computer IT servicesWANs are commonly used at facilities like corporate businesses, schools, college campuses, and non-profits. Unlike LANs, which are typically only in one building, WANs can span multi-building complexes and even significant sections of towns.

What is an SD-WAN?

SD-WAN is a software-defined WAN, meaning it takes the same concept of a central network, but instead of accessing it locally, you can access it wherever via the cloud with no additional hardware.

Many computer IT service departments are switching to cloud computing. This technology uses the MPLS, broadband, and LTE options already available on your devices to securely connect users even if they’re far apart. Just as software as a service allows users to work on the same program even if they’re all in different areas, an SD-WAN allows them to connect to a shared network. Even if some students are studying abroad, or some workers are working from home, the SD-WAN option allows them to connect to a facility’s WAN.

Why Is SD-WAN Popular?

Computer IT service professionals need a network that provides both the speed and cybersecurity options they require for the modern digital landscape. In addition to improved productivity, an SD-WAN can reduce the overhead costs of housing and maintaining hardware and software on-site.


If you’re looking for advanced network connectivity you can rely on, turn to the computer IT services professionals at Synergy Technology Group in Queens, NY. By leveraging partnerships with hundreds of vendors, they can provide you with the SD-WAN options you need to improve bandwidth and versatility at an affordable price. They also offer VoIP phone services, making them a holistic communications resource for your organization. To get in touch, visit their website or call (347) 352-5422.

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