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4 Facts to Know Before Clearing Land to Build a Home February 17, 2020

Kalispell, Flathead
4 Facts to Know Before Clearing Land to Build a Home, Kalispell, Montana

If you’re planning to purchase land to build the custom house of your dreams, it’s smart to understand the steps in the development process. For example, before you can start laying a foundation, you’ll need to work with land clearing professionals to remove trees, rocks, and debris to create a flat surface for construction. Here are four facts you should know about land clearing before starting your project.

A Guide to Land Clearing for Residential Development

1. Utility Access

When looking for a property, many people search for listings that already have utility hookups. Contact the electricity, gas, waste removal, and water providers to ensure that you’ve chosen an area that they will be able to service. You may have to invite these companies to inspect the location and provide insight into where to install utility hookups if they’re not already in place.

2. Land Borders

land clearingSchedule a professional land surveyor to mark out the borders of the property. They’ll use measurements and available data from past surveys to denote the legal edges of the property. This information is essential to have before land clearing starts to avoid potential fines or lawsuits.

3. Zoning and Building Permits

Landowners must talk with their contractor to ensure they have the correct zoning and building permits. These permits ensure that the area where you want to build is legal and clearing the lot is worth it.

4. Equipment

Many excavating companies send an expert to the site or have a phone consultation ahead of time to learn more about the property. These contractors need to know about large rocks, trees, and other debris to prepare the equipment necessary to clear the area. This can include jaws, chippers, mowers, mulchers, and stump grinders.


For help getting your land ready for construction, contact the professionals at Valley Excavating in Flathead County, MT. This land clearing company has been open since 1995, and owner Larry Anderson has been in the industry since age 15. Call the Kalispell-area company at (406) 857-2086 or visit the website for free estimates on their top-quality land clearing and excavation services.

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