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3 Hacks for Staying Clean While Eating Messy Foods February 11, 2020

Fort Greene, Brooklyn
3 Hacks for Staying Clean While Eating Messy Foods, Brooklyn, New York

Whether you’re on a first date or networking meeting, you may not want to make a mess while you’re eating. Wings, burgers, and other bar fare can get messy quickly without the right game plan. Use these tips to keep your hands and face clean no matter what you’re eating.

How to Eat Messy Foods Without Getting Dirty

1. Use the Utensils

wingsIf you want to stay clean, don’t eat cheese fries, loaded cheese nachos, and assorted wraps by hand. Work with a fork and serrated knife to stab through the ingredients. You can also use the fork to dip greasy foods into sauce.

2. Keep Your Fingers in a Claw

Put the “claw” tactic into practice when you’re eating a burger or any other bun-based sandwich. Hold the burger so your thumbs and pinkies are on the bottom, leaving your other three fingers over the top bun. This positioning holds the ingredients in place so you can take bites without worrying about half of the sandwich ending up on your plate.

3. Pull the Meat From the Bone

Expertly deal with buffalo chicken wings by pulling the meat off instead of chewing it directly from the bone. Simply hold each wing at the bony end using two fingers and slide the meat off with a fork. You may have to twist the bone to wriggle the meat free. Use a fork to eat the food and enjoy perfectly clean hands.


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