Garment District, New York

A Guide to Determining How Much Office Space You Need January 28, 2020

Garment District, Manhattan
A Guide to Determining How Much Office Space You Need, Manhattan, New York

The right office size can affect your business on multiple levels. A tiny office may hamper your team’s productivity. An expansive area, on the other hand, may hinder interaction among your employees and cost more to lease and maintain. Here’s a quick guide to help you estimate your office space requirements before looking for commercial leasing opportunities.

How to Calculate Average Space Requirements

Office space requirements vary across industries, but in general, you need 150-350 square feet per employee. This figure can go higher or lower, depending on the employee’s role in the company. Among those who need offices, allocate 400 square feet for your president, 200 square feet for vice presidents, and 150 square feet for your managers. 

For staff who need cubicles such as programmers, secretaries, and customer service representatives, allocate 125 square feet each. For your workers in an open area such as clerks and data entry workers, allot 125 square feet each as well.

Take into account other rooms your company needs to run efficiently. Below are a few examples and an estimate of the space you’ll need for each.

  • Reception: 100 square feet plus 10 square feet per individual waiting

  • Lunchroom: 75 square feet plus 25 square feet per person seated

  • Storage: 200 square feet

  • Conference room: 50 square feet plus 25 square feet per person seated

Why You Must Include Future Growth in Estimating Office Space Needs

commercial leasingA commercial leasing agreement typically requires a two-year commitment to the property. As such, you need to ensure that the office space you choose can accommodate your company’s estimated growth within the duration of the lease. Think about how many people you are planning to add in the coming quarters and other facilities or equipment you’re going to need.

While it’s tempting to focus solely on your present space requirements and think about expansion later, planning ahead can spare your business from unnecessary costs and interruptions. For instance, if you decide to move to a bigger space, you need to pay additional fees when you pre-terminate the commercial leasing contract. On top of that, your business will incur costs to move office furniture, equipment, records, and stocks and to redesign the new office. 


Knowing how much space your business operation requires allows you to identify the right commercial leasing opportunities. If you need a real estate agent who specializes in Manhattan’s office and retail markets, reach out to Jeffrey Anderson, Associate Broker, Capital Real Estate Advisers. With over 14 years of experience as a New York architect and urban designer, Jeffrey Anderson has helped businesses find the best office space for their needs and get the most beneficial terms on their lease. To schedule your consultation with this commercial real estate advisor, call (917) 568-9642 or use the contact form online.

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