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3 Benefits of an Office Access Control System February 14, 2020

Rochester, Monroe
3 Benefits of an Office Access Control System, Rochester, New York

Having a secure office is crucial to protecting employees and your company’s interests. Break-ins can be devastating, which is why having up-to-date security measures is a must. Start with the entry and exit points as an access control system is the first line of defense against criminals. Here are a few benefits of installing one. 

Why Put in a Workplace Access Control System?

1. Increased Security

An access control system provides support to existing lock systems. They operate through an electronic system. When a user scans a keycard against the system, a built-in door lock is released.

access controlAdditionally, there are no keyholes, making it much more difficult to bypass the locking mechanism. Burglars will also have trouble replicating keys; keycards are loaded with a data signal that can’t be replicated outside of the office.

2. Controlled Passage

If you pass out temporary keycards to guests, you can dictate which doors they’ll be able to pass through. Also, should they try to use an unauthorized door, they won’t be able to enter. Additionally, you can track entry data points so you always know where your employees are.

Once you’ve gathered enough data, you can then see which routes throughout your office or building offer the most efficient path. This is beneficial in medical settings, where there’s no time to waste when traveling inside a building.

3. Reducing Your Key Count

Traditionally, a sectioned-off workplace requires people with full-access to have a variety of key types. For example, they may need ones for personal offices, financial document rooms, and HVAC closets. When you upgrade to access control panels, you can do away with your keyring. These keycards can be loaded with a variety of access codes so you can enter all approved spaces with the same card.


Ready to upgrade to an access control system? Action Security & Communications offers cutting-edge solutions to businesses throughout Rochester, NY. They’re backed by 30 years of experience in Monroe County and will assess existing and future security needs. Explore their website to learn more about their products and services. Call (800) 445-1410 to speak with a member of their team. 

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