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3 Promotional Ideas for Your Grand Opening February 14, 2020

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3 Promotional Ideas for Your Grand Opening, Sanford, North Carolina

If you've spent months—or even years—planning to introduce your business to the world, you're likely feeling anxious about your grand opening. A chance to share your brand, gain exposure, and ensure your business gets off to a great start, a grand opening is an important way to help your business build a positive reputation and possibly bring in new customers. From flyers to brochures, printing services can help you create one-of-a-kind promotional materials to help generate interest and spread word of mouth. Here are three ideas to help make your grand opening a success.

Promotional Materials to Make Your Grand Opening Successful

1. Banners & Signs

You've chosen your name and done all the homework—now that it's time for your grand opening, you're ready to shout it from the rooftops. To help advertise and draw attention to your brand, have custom banners and signs printed to showcase your upcoming event. Place them on your storefront and street corners in the neighborhood to draw attention to your location and generate interest.

2. Mailers

printing servicesCapture the attention of your potential customers through custom event mailers. Printing services allow you to create high-quality, detailed mailers inviting residents and local businesses to attend your grand opening.

To create immediate interest, consider enclosing a coupon for a discount, free service, or a gift for those who attend your grand opening or use your services within a predetermined period. 

3. Brochures

With a little luck, your grand opening event will be a success, drawing in a crowd of potential customers. While a full house is something to celebrate, it can make it difficult to discuss your business and services with visiting guests.

Have custom brochures on hand to help sell your products or services and serve as a reminder to attendees once they've left. Include a list of your services as well as a direct call to action to ensure your prospects know exactly how to get ahold of you if they're interested. 


For high-quality promotional materials for your next event, contact the professionals at Jones Printing Co Inc. in Sanford, NC. Since 1885, the company has offered a variety of printing services, from business cards and brochures to custom banners and mailers, and their skilled team is sure to help you find what you need to make your grand opening a success. Contact them today at (919) 774-9442 to get started or visit them online to learn more about their products and services.