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Dry Skin? 5 Tips for Prevention and Relief February 5, 2020

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
Dry Skin? 5 Tips for Prevention and Relief, Manhattan, New York

There are many reasons skin can get dry in the winter. Anything from bathing habits to weather can affect the moisture content. To avoid cracking and itching, here are a few men’s skin care tips to prevent and repair dryness.

How to Deal With Dry Skin

1. Adjust Your Showers

Avoid long hot showers, and opt for shorter bathing times in cooler water, instead. Hot water removes moisture and natural oils from your skin, leaving it dry and itchy. Also, avoid showering more than once a day. Finally, after getting out of the shower, use a moisturizer. 

2. Add a Humidifier

Winter air is notoriously dry, which is why adding a humidifier to your bedroom will help. These devices put moisture back into the air and can help relieve dryness, particularly while you sleep. You will also notice that your nose, throat, and mouth will be less dry.

3. Use Natural Moisturizers

men's skin careItems like coconut oil and honey are effective at hydrating to dry skin. The former contains fatty acids that act as emollients, which fill in gaps in arid, cracking skin. The latter—in addition to leaving behind a smooth surface—has healing properties and may be able to help with inflammatory issues.

4. Choose Hydrating Cleansers & Creams Wisely

When picking a moisturizer, select the products for both cleansing and moisturizing. Choose soaps and creams that have hydrating qualities. Also, avoid soaps with sodium lauryl sulfate, which can have a drying effect. 

5. Utilize Aloe Vera Gel

Apply aloe vera gel to areas of your skin, like your hands and feet, and then cover up with socks and gloves to lock in moisture. Do this overnight so when you wake up, your skin is smooth and soft. This substance is especially beneficial because it’s natural, provides a protective barrier for your skin, and has anti-inflammatory properties. 


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