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4 FAQ About Point-of-Purchase Displays February 12, 2020

Lyell-Otis, Rochester
 4 FAQ About Point-of-Purchase Displays, Rochester, New York

Consumers love to pick up and examine products, and point-of-purchase (POP) displays are one of the best marketing tools to share with them. These installations provide much-needed advertising and information when used strategically. If you’re starting a new marketing initiative, it’s common to have questions about these custom plastic products. Below are four frequently asked questions and their answers to help you decide if this option is right for your business. 

Common Questions About Point-of-Purchase Displays

What are point-of-purchase displays?

Point-of-purchase displays are large, custom plastic installations that are placed next to a product in a store. They’re designed to attract buyers, especially when they enter a store or when they’re checking out. They promote merchandise and provide all the important details about it, including prices. 

How are they made?

POP installations are produced by a custom plastics manufacturer. These professionals create a thermoplastic mold or use a 3D printer to create the product to your exact specifications. If you’re looking for a manufacturer to create your POP display, look for one who has experience with this specific type of custom plastic product. 

How do I design one?

custom plasticPOP displays are often made from custom plastic. They’re decked out with imagery or branding materials, as well as eye-catching messaging to draw consumers in. Larger products may have slots for brochures or cases for product prototypes. More intricate designs can even feature cutouts for video screens.

Consider your goals. If you simply want to inform a customer, focus on messaging and imagery. If there you’re selling a product, make sure the display fits comfortably around it and lets consumers know right away what it is.

Can they boost revenue?

POP displays have long been known to boost revenue—64-fold, in some cases. They hold your product and engage with customers in ways competing projects can’t. Floor displays placed at entrances offer the best exposure for messaging about general products. Counter and checkout displays will be better for trinkets and small products.



If you’re considering custom plastic work, turn to Faro Industries. These professionals craft a variety of premium products. Since 1967, they’ve worked with hospitals, military facilities, consumer products companies, and other sectors from their Rochester, NY, location. They utilize cutting-edge 3D printing, welding, and other services to create attractive, reliable point-of-purchase displays. Visit their website to learn more about their services and call (585) 647-6000 to discuss your needs. 

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