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3 Reasons to Add an Intercom System to Your Business February 14, 2020

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3 Reasons to Add an Intercom System to Your Business, ,

Safety and efficiency are top priorities in any workplace. While there are several security systems and enhancements you can use to improve these factors in your business, an intercom system may be the best place to start. This technology plays a vital role in communication and office protection, regardless of your business size. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect when you install this security system.

Benefits of Commercial Intercom Systems

1. Improving Communication

Whether you have a large, spread-out floorplan or a several-story office, quick, easy communication is a must. Intercom systems allow you to speak with others over distance quickly. Both voice and video options will be far more efficient than phones and emails when you need a quick answer or to provide last-minute directions.

2. Controlling Access

intercom systemIntercom systems are excellent alternatives to locking systems. While key cards are useful, they can still be stolen and used by an unauthorized person freely. If you have controlled access, you can use video to confirm a user is authorized to enter a secure area before allowing them in.

3. Deterring Criminals

Most criminals will step back when they see security systems, including intercoms. This technology is an immediate risk to them, and they often aren’t worth the trouble of disarming. However, should they take the chance or otherwise start acting suspiciously, you can alert onsite security via the intercom system. If you’re a building owner, adding security systems also lets clients, customers, and staff know you’re committed to their well-being.


If you’re ready to upgrade your security system, contact OhmComm, Inc. in Philadelphia, PA. This company has offered a variety of security and IT services for over 20 years. Their skilled team can outfit your facility with everything from wireless Internet to VoIP phones and surveillance systems, and they also offer HIPPA compliancy. To schedule a consultation, call (215) 467-1444.

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