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3 Creative Dining Room Decor Tips February 17, 2020

Gloversville, Fulton
3 Creative Dining Room Decor Tips, Gloversville, New York

The dining room is where your family eats together without distraction from technology. With such a vital function in the home, it’s essential that your dining room is a comfortable place for sharing food and stories. Whether it’s new furniture or accent colors, decorating this space to meet your tastes and lifestyle can help create an intimate room that fosters engagement and connection.

How Should You Decorate Your Dining Room?

1. Choose the Right Lighting

The dining room should have warm and relaxing ambient light that encourages people to enjoy the meal without rushing. Chandeliers or decorative light fixtures are a perfect way to add glamour to the area while providing illumination for the dining table. Consider also installing dimmers so you can adjust the light intensity according to the mood you want and reduce glare.

2. Select Furniture With Character

furnitureThe dining table sets the mood for the entire room. Choose a table that's  appropriately sized for the room. If the table is too big or placed too close to a wall, guests will have a difficult time sliding in and out. If you're adding other furniture to the room like china cabinets or bar carts, opt for styles and materials that go well with your table for a more cohesive look.

3. Spruce up the Walls

Decorated walls can help make a dining room look more intimate and homey. One way to spruce the room up is by giving one wall a pop of color such as aqua blue, midnight sky, or citrus yellow. If you’re renting and you can’t paint your walls, consider hanging framed artwork with colors that complement the other fixtures in the room.


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