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4 Tips for Starting a Food Truck Business February 5, 2020

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
4 Tips for Starting a Food Truck Business, Brooklyn, New York

To start a food truck business, you’ll need an appealing and competitive concept. Also, keep in mind that any venture is a multi-step process, so it’ll take time and patience. Before you decide to open, here are some tips and best practices to keep in mind.

A Guide to Opening a Food Truck

1. Pick a Concept

An exciting concept can separate your truck from the rest. Stick to a smaller menu, as it’ll be easier to stock ingredients for. For example, a pizza truck will always keep dough and cheese on hand, or a Mexican option will only need to have ingredients like rice, tortillas, and beef. When deciding on what you’ll service, consider diet trends, such as veganism and the keto diet. 

2. Design the Menu & Truck

start a food truckYour concept should go hand-in-hand with the design of your menu and truck. Upon seeing your mobile truck, customers should be able to tell what you sell. For example, if you serve American cuisine, choose red, blue, and white for the truck colors. These hues are explosive, inviting, and explain your menu and theme perfectly. 

3. Lay Out a Business Plan

The first step to business success is knowing where you’re going. Determine when your investment will turn a profit, and include the essentials, such as a market analysis, product line, and marketing plan. Finally, make sure to include your fixed, periodic, and variable costs. 

4. Licensing & Registration

Similar to a brick and mortar restaurant, you’ll need licenses and registrations to start a food truck business. New York requires health permits, business insurance, and food safety certifications. Also, keep in mind the requirements are different than standard restaurant permits.


To start a food truck business, contact Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions in Brooklyn, NY. They will help you with the process by providing expert guidance and quality products. Since 1979, they have helped numerous vendors from North Carolina to New Jersey build the business of their dreams. Call (800) 253-4815 to make an appointment today, or visit them online to see their services, including food truck repairs and custom kitchen design.

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