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3 Simple Steps to Eat Crawfish February 13, 2020

Harlem, Manhattan
3 Simple Steps to Eat Crawfish, Manhattan, New York

Low in fat and high in protein, crawfish is a savory treat that won’t add to your waistline. When dining at a seafood restaurant, the crustacean might be boiled and served whole. As crawfish resemble small lobsters, you might be stumped on how to break open the shell and get to the meaty flesh inside. For help, follow the steps below. 

How to Enjoy Crawfish the Right Way

1. Twist the Head Off

Peeling off the shell in small pieces can be an exhaustive process. So you can eat faster, break the crawfish apart in sections. First, all you need is a little wrist strength to twist off the head. As most of the moisture and flavor settle there, you can suck on the head after eating the meat to enhance the taste. 

2. Peel Apart the Next Three Sections

seafood restaurantAfter you snap off the head, the next three sections of the crawfish are the toughest to break apart. At the seafood restaurant, ask the server for a crab cracker if you can’t work the thick shell apart by hand. If you can’t remove the shell, tugging on it will at least help dislodge the meat inside so you can pull it out. 

3. Snap the Tail

Once you’re done peeling the middle portion, use your thumb and index finger to snap off the tail. This is the section where the meat is. With a firm grasp, jerk the flipper upward until you hear a snap. Gently tug to release the meat from any bits of shell still in the middle section. Peel off the shell from the tail and enjoy. 



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