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Do's & Don'ts for Grout Maintenance February 11, 2020

Dalworthington Gardens, Arlington
Do's & Don'ts for Grout Maintenance, Arlington, Texas

Installing tile is an investment in durable and moisture-resistant flooring or wall material. However, homeowners must perform regular tile and grout cleaning to protect its longevity and cleanliness. The guide below offers advice for preventing grout staining.


Reduce exposure to humidity.

Many people install tile in areas with high humidity like the bathroom or kitchen. While tile doesn’t absorb water, it will house mold and mildew on the surface and in between tiles.

Promote evaporation and lower humidity levels by using a bathroom fan every time you shower. Also, use a squeegee or towel to remove water droplets from the walls to slow down mildew and mold growth.

Use mold-fighting cleaners.

tile and grout cleaningSince grout is usually cement-based, it may hold onto moisture and make it easy for mold to grow. Mitigate this chance by using cleaning products like citrus or white vinegar regularly. Spray coat the surface and let it sit for a few minutes before turning the shower on to wash away the residue. Then, squeegee or towel off the moisture.


tile and grout cleaning Dallas Fort-Worth TXMop with dirty water.

Since grout is highly absorbent, your dirty mop water may contribute to staining. If you mop tile surfaces, refresh the water often so you won’t worsen any discoloration.

Let spills sit.

Whether you spill wine, coffee, or baby food, each food or drink has a unique coloration that could stain the grout if it is allowed to saturate the floor. The longer you let these messes sit, the more the grout will absorb. Use a material-specific tile and grout cleaning product to address the area and get a professional cleaning at least once a year to deal with tougher stains.


Homeowners interested in professional tile and grout cleaning should schedule an appointment with Cosmopolitan Carpet & Rug Cleaning in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. The local company uses over 30 years of experience to mitigate stains and lessen wear and tear. Call the Arlington-area company at (817) 265-9031 or visit the website for information on their services to address damage to everything from carpet to wood flooring.

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