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4 Parking Tips for New Drivers February 14, 2020

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4 Parking Tips for New Drivers, Perinton, New York

When taking the road test, one of the most challenging parts is the parking portion. Just like any other aspect of driving, you’ll need to practice and learn proper technique before you’ll be able to pass. To get started, follow these steps.

How to Park for Your Road Test

1. Go Slow

Parking lots are one of the most congested places to drive. Some cars might speed through the lot, or pedestrians might walk behind you as you’re trying to back up. For this reason, you need to move slowly as you drive and while you’re going into a spot.

2. Practice

road testThe only way you'll be able to ace the skill of parking is if you practice. However, you shouldn't start in a parking lot that has cars in it. To avoid hitting other vehicles, practice at night in a lot for a closed store or on a weekday in the lot for your local church. If you can't find an empty space to learn, set up a practice spot using cones.

3. Use Your Mirrors but understand their limitations

Understand that rear-view and side view mirrors do not give the driver a full picture of what is going on behind and around the vehicle. Add in the backup cameras and you still need to physically look backward to get the entire picture. Check all around using the mirrors and the backup camera and then look back to make sure you have an accurate understanding of the area around and behind your car.

4. Choose the Right Spot

When pulling into a lot, you might notice that some drivers parked better than others. If someone is parked crooked or over the line, you shouldn't park next to them, even if it's close to your destination. You could hit their car trying to park, or they could hit yours trying to pull out. Until you become more confident, park farther out in the lot.


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