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3 Tips to Reduce Pain After Tightening Your Braces January 28, 2020

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3 Tips to Reduce Pain After Tightening Your Braces, Richmond Hill, Georgia

Having your braces tightened is an important part of orthodontics. However, you may experience some discomfort while your mouth adjusts. It’s important to manage this pain and to continue brushing and flossing. Here are a few tips for dealing with the discomfort.

How to Manage Your Teeth After Braces Tightening

1. Use the Cold

Icepacks and cold water are an easy, natural way to numb your mouth. Apply an icepack to your cheek for 15 minutes. Remove it for 15 minutes, and then repeat as necessary. You can also hold an ice cube in your mouth—just make sure you don’t bite it. The force may damage your teeth or orthodontics hardware.

Throughout the day, try drinking cold water. You’ll stay hydrated, promoting saliva production, and it will also rinse food particles stuck in your teeth and hardware.

2. Use Medication & Anesthetics

orthodontics-georgiaOver-the-counter medications are essential for managing pain. Try taking ibuprofen or Aspirin an hour before your orthodontics appointment. This way, they’ll be active during and after the process. You can continue using them after. Be careful not to make it a habit, as these shouldn’t be used regularly.

You can also use oral anesthetics. Orajel® and related products will lightly numb painful areas temporarily while your teeth shift.

3. Adjust Your Diet

You’ll want to make a few dietary changes. Stick to soft foods to reduce pain. Smoothies, soups, pudding, and mashed potatoes are options that won’t cause chewing-related stress. They’re also easy to clean from your braces after eating. Try to avoid sugary smoothies or drinks or using citrus and other acidic ingredients. These are leading contributors to tooth decay.


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