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4 FAQ About Data Phishing February 10, 2020

New York, New York
4 FAQ About Data Phishing, New York, New York

Your company and customers’ personal data is invaluable. Unfortunately, cybercriminals know this as well, which is why they target it through data phishing. It’s important to understand this cybersecurity threat so you can take steps to prevent breaches. Below are answers to common questions on the topic.

All You Need to Know About Data Phishing

What is it?

cybersecurity-long-islandData phishing is a type of scam built to steal private data from companies and individuals. Criminals disguise themselves as trustworthy sources, such as financial institutions, in emails that contain attachments filled with malware. Once downloaded, these pieces of software grant the sender access to sensitive information, such as credit card transactions, customer data, and bank account numbers.

What are the warning signs of malicious emails?

The message may ask the recipient to confirm personal information, such as login info, directly through a reply. There may also be grammatical mistakes, since these emails aren’t from credible institutions.

The language will often have a sense of urgency to create panic and make the recipient believe they must act immediately. There are almost always attached documents and files the person is directed to download.

How can I stop malware from being downloaded?

You can prevent malware infections by installing anti-virus software. These sophisticated programs are updated on the latest threats and identify suspicious files. They’ll block a download before it can cause harm. Should something be accidentally downloaded, they’ll then quarantine the contents so the user can’t deploy them.

What cybersecurity practices should I teach my employees?

Human error is the leading cause of data breaches, so teach your employees a few best practices. They should never open emails or files from unknown sources. Customer or company information should never be shared with anyone without IT and upper-management approval. Employees should also update all virus-scanning software as necessary.


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