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​Interior Design Trends for 2016 October 16, 2015

Garment District, Manhattan
​Interior Design Trends for 2016, Manhattan, New York

By Marcie Cooperman on Oct, 18 2015

Ideagroup bathroomIdeagroup bathroom

Interior design for 2016 is seeing a new desire to move in a restorative direction. The overuse of our natural resources is contributing to climate change, and we are beginning to understand how we can help the earth. Sustainable is the watchword.

Subsequently, a new look has come about encompassing materials, shapes, line, and colors, and it’s enough to render your current bathroom and dining room obsolete: Fresh and modern, smooth and cool, no unnecessary details, texture of surfaces is important; every element must be rich in texture instead of shine.

Here’s what’s happening:

1. Sustainable: Natural materials are most appealing, as long as they are sustainable. But, natural-looking works as well, because it saves the environment. Therefore, materials that can synthesize the look and feel of natural elements are highly prized.

Itlas Violet SinksThe softened yet intense violet sinks by Itlas gives a lift to cool and natural walls and floors.

2. Warm and textured: If it’s glass, it’s matte instead of shiny. If it’s a wood, it’s textured, rich and exotic, and NOT shiny. If it’s stone, it’s smooth.

Angled wood on the walls lifts this room up toward the beamed ceilingAngled wood on the walls lifts this room up toward the beamed ceiling

3. Smooth and softened: Finishes are smooth, soft and warm, and feel good to the touch. Edges are softened and rounded, and hardware is eliminated. Cabinets and sinks are free-floating boxes.

Ideagroup sink and cabinetsIdeagroup sink and cabinetsIdeagroup sink and cabinets

4. Modern shapes and straight lines: Legs are straight on tables and chairs.

StokkeAustad, from NorwayStokkeAustad, from Norway

5. Patterns: The simplicity of shapes and colors in the room allow carpet patterns to stand out, an easy way to influence the room. The hue rectangles of Sonya Winner’s After Matisse carpet play with the rules of transparency.

Sonya Winner:  After Matisse carpetSonya Winner: After Matisse carpet

6. Mixed metals: Warm and cool metals can be mixed with black for contrast
mixed metals

7. Color: Simple areas of color transform a room through their energy. The color relationships define the color interaction. This bedroom by Benjamin Moore Paints uses complements red and green in short powerful bursts, played up by the chromatic contrasts of black and white.

Benjamin Moore PaintsBenjamin Moore Paints

Pantone’s prediction is “weaves of earth neutrals with a range of bold color statements and patterns to reflect a landscape of hope, fun, fantasy and all things natural.” In the dining room, fantasy green chairs glow against the warm and natural wood table and the black and white interior.

Sherwin Williams paintsSherwin Williams paints

Blues are favored this season, and destined to stay around for a while. A versatile hue, blue is comfortable with whites for a crisp seafaring feeling; it aligns with red for a cultural impression; blends with silver and cool grays for an almost monochromatic look; with warm woods and warm metals to create a complementary contrast; with analogous hues of violets (which are also trending). Check out the cover image for grays next to a blue with cool chromatic contrast.

Analogous hues of blueAnalogous hues of blue

Color punctuates a room with one accent wall. Using a dark hue creates visual space because it creates depth through its atmospheric color, and obscures the actual borders of the wall. It makes the wall appear to be in another visual plane (or another room) by virtue of its difference, such as the black wall next to Bernhardt’s furniture.

Bernhardt FurnitureBernhardt Furniture – Blues shimmer against a black wall

Free and easy design is here, in every room of the house. I like it because color, texture and pattern can show off. Buy your white sofa, paint your wall black, and show your character through your rug and pillows. When you are bored, you can easily change the colors to anything else.

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