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The Do’s & Don’ts of Print Ad Design February 12, 2020

Pittsford, Monroe
The Do’s & Don’ts of Print Ad Design, Pittsford, New York

While digital advertising has risen in popularity over the last few years, print ads are still a staple of an effective marketing plan. Print is an excellent way to target your audience and increase your brand recognition. Learn more about how to design a compelling print ad, and what to avoid, with these helpful do’s and dont’s.


Have a clear message.

Before starting any design work, choose a single, clear message you want to convey with your ad. Successful print ads are easy to understand and get straight to the point. Think about who your target audience is and what kind of message will resonate the most. Present the message in an easy-to-read font, paired with high-quality visuals. Finish it by adding your essential branding, including your logo, contact information, and slogan, if you have one.

Check the exact ad specifications. 

MarketingCheck the ad specification before you create your print ad design. Otherwise, you could spend hours developing a beautiful piece of marketing before noticing the ad requirements differ completely from your work. Keep the dimensions of your ad in mind while designing—smaller ads should have fewer words.


Use images without permission.

Create a habit of checking that the images used in your print ad don’t belong to someone else. You could be fined, and it can also compromise your integrity with your audience. Use the correct channels when purchasing stock images and add relevant symbols for any trademarked names or brands.

Clutter your ad.

A mistake many beginner designers make is putting too many visual cues in their print ad. Using too many images or graphic elements can confuse the reader, even if it looks interesting. Every marketing ad should be functional first and attractive second. An easy way to de-clutter your print design is to inspect each element on the page, and if it doesn’t promote the ad’s message in a meaningful way, remove it.


For help creating an impactful print ad design that covers each rule, work with the professional graphic design team at IDU Creative in Rochester, NY. For over two decades, they have helped countless organizations and businesses create flawless print ads. They also offer web and digital design services as well as logo and brand consultations. Call (585) 248-5229 today to create your new print ad. To learn more about their process, visit them online, or send them a tweet.

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