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How Physical Therapy Helps Back Pain February 10, 2020

Beavercreek, Greene
How Physical Therapy Helps Back Pain, Beavercreek, Ohio

Whether injury or illness are causing you to struggle with back pain, physical therapy will help you heal. When combined with other forms of chiropractic care, it can put you on a path toward feeling like a younger and healthier version of yourself. Here’s what you should know about physical therapy as a treatment option for back pain. 

4 Ways Physical Therapy Alleviates Back Pain 

1. Corrects the Spine 

If your back aches when you twist, bend, or roll and your spine feels stiff, physical therapy can provide relief from pain with chiropractic adjustments to realign the spinal cord or methodical motions aimed at easing tension. 

2. Builds Strength physical therapy

Physical therapy helps you master stabilization exercises designed to strengthen your back muscles so that they’re better able to support your spine. The object of therapy is to help you fully recover from whatever illness or injury weakened your muscles. Restored strength and stabilization let you perform everyday tasks, including walking, gardening, sitting for long periods, bending and stooping, and playing sports, without hurting yourself or experiencing discomfort. 

3. Encourages Healing 

Stretching your hamstrings according to techniques learned in physical therapy helps heal backaches because the muscles in your legs are connected to those in your lower back. Stretching lengthens muscles  and makes them more flexible and less prone to injury by improving blood flow. The oxygen in red blood cells repairs muscle damage and heals wounds. 

4. Improves Function 

Like stretching, aerobics increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients throughout your body required to heal and prevent injury and illness. It also relieves stiffness and improves fitness. Being physical regulates cholesterol, reduces weight, releases tension, lightens mood, and helps you sleep, all of which have an effect on back health. With physical therapy, you can practice beneficial low-impact aerobic exercises.


No matter the source of your back pain, the physical therapy program at Advanced Medical and Wellness in Dayton, OH, offers state-of-the-art treatment to help clients across Montgomery and Greene counties find pain relief. Providing high-quality chiropractic care and therapy since 2002, they’re experts at blending holistic approaches with personalized attention. To make an appointment, call today at (937) 427-2225, or visit them online to learn more about this chiropractic care center.

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