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What Is IV Nutritional Therapy? February 10, 2020

Westbury, North Hempstead
What Is IV Nutritional Therapy?, North Hempstead, New York

Your body relies on nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, to function. When you're sick, injured, or experiencing complications from a chronic condition, these vital building blocks help your body recover. However, some illnesses make it difficult to get the nutrients you need from food. For example, if you’re undergoing chemotherapy and you can’t keep your food down, you lose more nutrients than you’re absorbing. When this happens, an integrative medicine provider might recommend IV nutritional therapy. The guide below discusses this solution further. 

What Is It?

Integrative Medicine IV nutritional therapy delivers nutrition straight to your bloodstream intravenously (through an IV drip). Because it bypasses your digestive system, you don't need to worry about nutrients being lost due to stomach troubles, irritable bowel syndrome, and similar conditions.

The nutrients circulate through your blood, reaching all the cells of your body and boosting your health. 

What Benefits Does It Provide?

There is a range of different nutrient mixtures that address different problems. For example, if you need an immune system boost to fight off an infection or illness, you might be offered a mixture rich in vitamin C, which fulfills several different functions in the immune system.

Another formula, called the Myers Cocktail, is designed to energize your cells so they function at their best. This treatment benefits patients seeking integrative medicine for a range of conditions including fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression, asthma, palpitations, migraines, cardiovascular disease, respiratory problems, seasonal allergies, hives, hyperthyroidism, and muscle spasms.



If you're looking for a whole-body approach to promote healing, choose Integrative Medicine of New York, PLLC. Based in Garden City, NY, they serve residents across Long Island, New York City, and the Tri-State Area, offering alternative and supplemental treatments for a range of conditions including cancer and autoimmune diseases. These seasoned professionals will safely deliver nutritional IV therapy to boost your health. Visit their website to learn more about their available treatments or call (516) 759-4200.

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