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Your Guide to Trash Compactor Types January 30, 2020

Asheville, Buncombe
Your Guide to Trash Compactor Types, Asheville, North Carolina

Whether you manage a residential housing complex or own a construction business, you’ll likely need solutions for consolidating your garbage. Trash compactors are helpful for reducing the size of waste items. These objects can prevent landfills from overfilling and help protect the environment. Below, learn more about the different types of compactors and their applications. 

4 Types of Trash Compactors 

1. Portable 

Portable trash compactors are available in several different types that make it easy to transport waste items. Some models have wheels, and others can be moved by a forklift or pallet jack. These compactors are especially beneficial for warehouses, retail outlets, and distribution centers. 

2. Stationary 

compactorsAs their name suggests, stationary compactors stay in place. They are bolted to the ground to prevent large and heavy waste materials from causing them to move or shift. Stationary compactors contain a receiver box that you can remove and empty once it gets full. These compactors function well in manufacturing and industrial facilities that process dry and bulky items. 

3. Hopper

Hopper compactors have openings at their tops, which makes it simple to load garbage from docks or upper levels. Connect a chute to them to make loading dry and liquid waste materials quick and easy. These compactors work best in apartment complexes and construction sites. 

4. Pre-Crusher 

Pre-crushers are among the largest trash compactors and are available in bin sizes of 40 yards or more. They’re ideal for condensing particularly dense and heavy items, such as metals, building materials, wooden pallets, and appliances. Use them for everything from auto manufacturing to general contracting. 


When you need trash compactors to make your job easier, get in touch with Consolidated Waste Services. They offer compactors and roll-off container rentals to residential, commercial, and industrial clients throughout Asheville, NC. Call (828) 645-0660 to rent a dumpster or schedule junk removal, and visit the website to learn more about their waste management services. 

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