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4 Reasons to Choose a Metal Barn February 11, 2020

Franklinville, Randolph
4 Reasons to Choose a Metal Barn, Franklinville, North Carolina

When you need a new structure—whether it’s for residential storage, livestock, warehousing, or other reasons—a metal barn is the ideal solution. Though most people may traditionally picture wood when they think of a barn, there are many good reasons to build with metal. There’s no longer a need to restrict barns to rural areas, either. Because of their versatility and customizable designs, metal structures can fit in anywhere. Here’s a closer look at some big reasons to go with metal.

Advantages of Metal Barns Over Other Materials

1. Tough & Safe

Old-fashioned barns made of wood, even those with steel walls and wood frames, have frequently been victims of devastating fires, extreme weather events, and instability. Barns constructed with metal are more sustainable long-term since they can withstand fire.

They’re also more durable in severe weather, and termites and other pests are uninterested in them. These aspects make them safer for sheltering animals and storing valuables.

2. Energy-Efficient 

metal barnIf needed, metal barns have the potential for deeper insulation within their frames compared to other material. This can help keep your valuable space warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, cutting down on energy use and bills.

Under some climate and usage conditions, your metal barn may not even require a heating or cooling system outside of what nature and excellent insulating already achieve. 

3. Low Maintenance

Unlike wood, metal doesn’t have to be repainted every few years. While wood tends to warp over time, metal needs few, if any, repairs in the barn’s lifetime. There’s no mold, rot, or wear to contend with, and your structure can even be treated with a rust-preventative coating during construction.

Additionally, the lighter frame and overall weight of a metal barn mean less risk of foundation issues in the long run when compared to heavier wood or concrete structures.

4. Affordable

Though wood might seem to be the less expensive answer now, a metal barn is a better long-term investment. In addition to saving money on regular repairs, structural replacements, and upkeep of a wood structure, insurance for a metal structure will typically cost quite a bit less than a structure made of other materials. 


For a sustainable, attractive building designed with your vision, work with a building contractor and installer with a great reputation of service, reliability, and creativity. Located in Franklinville, NC, and serving the East Coast and Southern region of the U.S., New Horizon Buildings and Concrete, LLC will design and build your custom metal barn to suit your specific needs. Call (336) 799-1106 for a free quote or visit their website to learn more about the team.

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