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3 Transmission Maintenance Tips January 28, 2020

East Franklin, Armstrong
3 Transmission Maintenance Tips, East Franklin, Pennsylvania

Auto maintenance isn’t just about scheduling professional service on a regular basis. The way you drive can also have an impact on your vehicle. It’s especially common for new and inexperienced drivers to adopt habits that put stress on their transmission. Here are a few tips to avoid problems and keep your transmission in quality condition.

How to Maintain Your Vehicle’s Transmission

1. Let Your Car Warm Up

When your engine starts, it takes a few minutes for the oil and fluids to flow to the different components. Those fluids are essential for reducing friction on the transmission and other engine parts. When you start your engine, allow it to run for a few moments before shifting gears so you can reduce wear and the need for auto maintenance, especially during winter.

2. Wait Until You Stop Fully Before Shifting Gears

auto maintenanceIf you shift from drive to reverse, or vice versa, while your car is still rolling, that can put extra stress on the transmission. You might not notice that you do this, but added wear can occur even if your car is barely moving. To prevent damage, come to a complete stop before shifting, if possible.

3. Keep the Weight Down

Your transmission has to work harder to shift when you’re carrying extra weight in your vehicle. This doesn’t mean that you can’t put cargo in your car, but towing trailers or extra weight can add stress. Doing this every once in a while shouldn’t make a huge difference, but try to avoid carting extra weight around when it’s unnecessary.


Regular tuneups and fluid checks are also an essential part of transmission maintenance. Arizona Auto Repair & Towing in Adrian, PA, has more than 40 years of experience offering a wide array of auto maintenance and repair, from oil changes to brake service. The team of experts is known for providing honest and reliable service at affordable prices. Visit the company’s website to see a full list of services. To request auto maintenance, repair, or towing services, call (724) 868-2886.

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