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4 FAQs About Ornamental Medallions on Ceilings February 24, 2020

Astoria, Queens
4 FAQs About Ornamental Medallions on Ceilings, Queens, New York

If you’re looking to upgrade the feel of your home, an ornamental casting project that can add value and aesthetic is creating medallions for your ceilings. Ceiling medallions add flair, personality, and height to any room they’re installed in. Below are the answers to a few questions you probably have about these pieces of ornamental plaster.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ceiling Medallions

What are they?

These ornamental pieces are usually made of plaster and are centered around fixtures like lights, fans, or chandeliers. Available in various styles and designs, they can suit any stylistic preferences and room aesthetics they’re used in.

What rooms can they be installed in?

Medallions are best suited for large, upscale rooms used for formal or social occasions where guests will frequent, like living and dining rooms. They can also be used in a master bedroom for your own enhanced enjoyment of the space.

How big should they be?

ceilingsYour medallions shouldn’t take up too much space unless they’re incorporated into an ongoing pattern. As a general rule, it should take up about one-seventh of the available space. Larger medallions can be used to draw more attention to the height of the room or the light fixture, and smaller ones are suitable for adding subtle, fashionable detail.

How do I choose the right one?

You’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of medallions, or you can opt to have one custom made for you. It needs to be symmetrical for the best aesthetic, but they can be oval, circular, or have triangular points on the edges. Your medallion should match the atmosphere and aesthetic of your room. A more minimal decor style could have a simple round medallion with beading along the edge and a gentle slope to it, while more elaborate designs with swirls or fleur-de-lis are suitable for Victorian influences.


To get the best look, you should consider a custom ceiling medallion made by a professional ornamental plaster company. Ionic Casting in Long Island City, NY, has over 50 years of business experience, providing custom ornamental casting, restoration, and preservation services throughout the area. They’ll create a 3D model of your piece to ensure it meets your expectations. They will then create and install it for you, keeping in contact with you the whole time. Learn more about their casting services online, and call (718) 786-7670 to arrange a consultation.

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