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How Professionals Clean Windows on High Rise Buildings January 29, 2020

Chelsea, Manhattan
How Professionals Clean Windows on High Rise Buildings, Manhattan, New York

When it comes to window cleaning services, high-rise buildings need to hire a special type of professional. Due to the size and scale of these structures, window cleaners dealing with high-rises need to master the use of special types of equipment. Below is a look at some of the key types of equipment that window cleaners use when cleaning high-rises, as well as the safety precautions they must follow.


Commercial window washers frequently use a mechanical lift or bucket truck in which the cleaner stands in a bucket that is attached by a moveable arm to a truck on the ground. The bucket has high sides to protect the cleaners as they work. The driver of the truck guides the bucket so that the cleaner can clean windows at every level. In addition to washing windows, bucket trucks are used to clean awnings and facades and to remove or replace flags and banners.

Boatswain’s Chair

window cleaning servicesA boatswain’s chair is used when the area is inaccessible to a lift truck. It has a hard seat and is attached to the building with ropes. The cleaner sits in the seat and raises and lowers the chair by pulling on the ropes.

NYC regulations stipulate that cleaners wear a safety belt and lifeline anchored to the roof, and the ground below the boatswain chair must be protected. 




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