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3 Tips to Prevent Mold Growth in Your Home February 20, 2020

Richmond Hill, Bryan
3 Tips to Prevent Mold Growth in Your Home, Richmond Hill, Georgia

A moist, warm environment sets the stage for mold in your home. Not only does mold ruin fixtures, but it also diminishes air quality and causes severe allergy symptoms in sensitive individuals. While professional mold removal is a must for dealing with any issues after growth has already occurred, there are steps you can take to prevent mold from growing in your home in the first place. 

How to Keep Your Home Free of Mold & Mildew

1. Don’t Ignore Plumbing Leaks

Leaky pipes and faucets increase water bills and might also indicate a bigger plumbing problem on the horizon. If that’s not enough, leaks also contribute to mold growth, especially when pipes are located behind walls and other concealed places. While leaky faucets can often be fixed by handy homeowners, contact a plumber to deal with more serious issues. 

2. Keep Your Home Tidy

mold removalThe bathroom is often ground zero for mold growth due to the amount of moisture. Wipe down your shower after every use and make sure wet towels are hung up to dry. Leaving towels on the floor can result in mold growing on walls and flooring as well as the towel itself.

Pay close attention to the bathroom closet and the areas under the sink and behind the toilet. If your bathroom has an exhaust fan, use it regularly to keep air flowing throughout the room. 

3. Maintain Low Indoor Humidity

Do you notice condensation on windows and walls in your home? If so, you almost certainly have a humidity problem. Investing in a dehumidifier is recommended in this case, as it will draw excess moisture out of the air and help eliminate what mold needs to thrive.

Increasing ventilation is also recommended, so take advantage of ceiling fans even when it’s not hot out. The better the airflow, the lower the chance that mold will grow. 


Despite your best efforts, mold might still be an issue in your Richmond Hill, GA, home. If so, it’s time to call the mold removal specialists at Serclean. Along with remediation, they also offer mold testing so you know exactly what you’re up against. Their mold removal techs are certified, so you can rest assured of a job well done. They also offer HEPA-filtering equipment to reduce the risk of new contamination occurring. Call (912) 459-1981 to schedule service today or learn more about mold testing online.

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