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Why Invisalign® is a Better Choice Than Braces January 28, 2020

Oxford, Butler
Why Invisalign® is a Better Choice Than Braces, Oxford, Ohio

Misaligned or crooked teeth can cause significant oral health problems, but they also diminish the look of your smile. While metal braces are adept at repositioning teeth, many patients prefer Invisalign® for the many benefits this treatment offers. If you’re currently considering your orthodontic options, here are a few factors to keep in mind.

Clear Aligners Can Be Removed

While it’s essential to wear aligners for as many hours out of the day as possible, they can be removed at your discretion. You can remove them when eating and drinking, or when you’re brushing your teeth. Compare this to metal braces, which are affixed to teeth for the duration of the treatment period. 

Removing food debris and plaque from under metal wires is often tricky, and essential dental care procedures like flossing must be approached carefully to avoid damaging braces. Conversely, cleaning your teeth with clear aligners is easier than ever since they can be removed. Care of aligners is also quite easy. You should gently clean them with a soft bacterial soap for the best results. 

This System Is More Comfortable

Invisalign Fairfield, OHDental discomfort is particularly bothersome after metal braces are tightened, which occurs many times during the treatment period to move teeth into the correct positions. Made from soft, pliable plastic, the Invisalign system is far more comfortable and easy to wear. You are given new aligners consistently throughout the process that will realign your teeth. The aligners transition with your teeth, not the other way around.

Clear Aligners Are Less Obvious

Older teens and young adults in need of orthodontic care usually aren’t fans of the look of metal braces. They can make smiling, taking photographs, and talking to new acquaintances uncomfortable. Clear aligners are far less noticeable, which makes them the preferred choice of this age group. They can be taken out if you need to give a presentation or while you’re exercising. Additionally, Invisalign® is just as effective in terms of treatment, and the improved aesthetic makes them preferable over traditional braces. 

A straight, beautiful smile is possible with the right treatment. Lamont Jacobs Orthodontics, Inc. takes the time to explain this and other orthodontic options to patients in Fairfield, OH. Using state-of-the-art technology, these orthodontists will make a perfect impression of your teeth to ensure your aligners fit perfectly. And if you’re concerned about cost, they offer many flexible payment options. Visit them online for more information Invisalign® or call (513) 829-7045 today to schedule an appointment.
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