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5 Uses for Bar Steel January 31, 2020

Okolona, Central Jefferson
5 Uses for Bar Steel, Central Jefferson, Kentucky

Whether square, round, hexagonal, or flat, bar steel comes in a variety of forms. The question is why, how, and when to use each of them. The answer varies depending on what you’re doing, but that’s part of the beauty of bar steel—it’s incredibly versatile. Here’s how it could be useful to you.

How to Employ Bar Steel

1. Furniture

Square bar steel can be used to create screws, nuts, and bolts to help fasten items together. As a result, furniture like couches, tables, and stools are possible. These pieces also require steel bars to form the interior frames and give the furniture support.

2. Machinery

Steel resists wear from friction or corrosion, allowing industrial machinery to run efficiently while maintaining longevity. This is even true for units that need to be submerged in liquid or exposed to acid or alkaline. Whether it makes up the body of the machine or the handles, valves, plates, or other components, round bar steel is indispensable.

3. Appliances

bar steelFlat bar steel is handy for building or enhancing appliances that you use around the house, whether it’s integrated into the structure of the machine or acting as a latch or handle. Ovens, microwaves, grills, washers, dryers, and refrigerators are just a few appliances that can comprise the metal. Stainless steel is generally easy to keep clean, a bonus for industrial kitchens.

4. Construction

Buildings, bridges, and other forms of infrastructure need firm, durable frames that can be cut into whatever shapes and lengths are necessary. Flat bar steel fits the criteria. This material can also be used to create generators and turbines, helping industries take strides in renewable energy.

5. Art & Decoration

Bar steel is shiny and malleable, making it both attractive and easy to manipulate into eye-catching pieces of decor. Wall hangings, mirrors, sculptures, and figurines that incorporate stainless steel help to spread beauty and enhance living spaces.


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