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What to Know About Odorous Ants at Home January 28, 2020

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What to Know About Odorous Ants at Home, Port Orchard, Washington

Odorous ants are one of the most common reasons people require pest control, especially in the Pacific Northwest. They're distinguishable by their black or dark-brown segmented bodies and their stench, which releases when they're crushed. Many people describe the smell being similar to rotten coconuts or diseased pine. If you've seen them crawling around your home, here are a few things you should know about these insects. 

An Introduction to Odorous House Ants 


Like many pests, odorous ants stay in their nests during winter. However, they’re more active in the spring and summer, once the weather is warm enough for them to move. Furthermore, pest control companies and homeowners see them more often after it rains, especially if it's a downpour; the excess water flood their nests and causes them to rush out for safety, shelter, and food. 


pest controlOdorous ants are usually attracted to sweet, sugary substances. Candies, pastries, fruits, and cereals are the worst culprits. However, they also indulge in dairy products. Depending on the circumstances, if there are only savory dishes or even pet food, they'll eat those too. If you can keep these properly sealed away, they'll be less likely to infest your home. 


The most effective methods for removing odorous ants are baits and sprays. The baits mimic a potential food source that the worker ants can bring back to the colony; they have just the right amount of insecticide that won't kill them immediately. However, the sprays are a bit more potent. For maximum impact, pest control workers will focus on areas where odorous ants have their nests to target a majority of them. They'll also spray any crevices in and around your home where baits cannot easily be placed.


When these insects have infested your home, Extermination Services in Port Orchard, WA, will clear them out. They provide comprehensive pest control and removal for Kitsap, Mason, Pierce, and Jefferson counties. With odorous ants, they'll treat the interior and exterior of your home and do three weekly follow-ups to ensure the problem is eradicated. They even offer a 90-day warranty. Aside from ants, they're also trained to deal with spiders, rats, mice, and more. Learn more about their pest control services online or call (360) 895-1890 today to schedule an appointment.

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