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4 Common Reasons for Low Water Pressure February 11, 2020

4 Common Reasons for Low Water Pressure, ,

When you cook, clean, or bathe, low water pressure can be frustrating. There are a few reasons why this might occur, and the good news is that some of the culprits are quick and simple to fix. Here’s a closer look at the causes of low pressure and how professional plumbing contractors suggest troubleshooting them. 

What Causes Poor Water Pressure?

1. Blockages

If water struggles to flow from your faucet fixtures, your main supply lines may have blockages. In many cases, these are the result of mineral and sediment deposits from hard water. Contact a plumber to unclog the pipes properly and prevent contamination. 

2. Closed Valves 

plumbing contractorsTwo shutoff valves—one on the meter’s home side, and the other on the meter’s street side—control the flow of water to your home. Both need to be completely open to provide your property with adequate water pressure. If either valve is closed or only partially open, gently move it back and forth until it opens. 

3. Corrosion 

Rust buildup in your main supply lines or water fixtures is often the cause of low water pressure. This may also cause your water to become orange and take on a metallic taste. Correct these issues by hiring a plumbing contractor to replace the affected lines and fixtures. 

4. Faulty Pressure Regulator 

Your pressure regulator prevents water from rushing out of your faucets too quickly, but it shouldn’t prevent it from flowing out at a normal rate. If you adjust the pressure regulator and there’s no happy medium, hire a plumber to see if it needs replacing.


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