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3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Office Rental January 28, 2020

Hinesville, Liberty
3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Office Rental, Hinesville, Georgia

Whether your business is starting out or rapidly expanding, finding an office space that meets the needs of your company can be challenging. Between deciding on the location and your budget, you’ll have a lot to consider. If you're on the hunt for an office rental, the following guide can help you get started.

What to Consider When Renting an Office Space

1. The Location

For many employees, location plays a major role when choosing where they work, so growing businesses looking to increase their current operations should keep that in mind when deciding on a new office space.

Heavy commute times and lack of nearby conveniences and transportation options can upset your existing workforce, potentially costing you valuable resources. You will also want to consider the safety of the neighborhood to keep your business, employees, and visiting clients safe.

2. The Size

office spaceConsider the needs of your company now as well as your estimation of the future. If your company is looking to grow, you want to ensure you're selecting an office space that can accommodate the potential size of your future staff while still falling within your budget. Pay attention to the layout of the office, ensuring adequate workspace for your growing team, in addition to sufficient restrooms, break rooms, and kitchen facilities. 

3. The Building

Before signing a lease, speak with the property manager about the logistics of the building. Ask about the access hours, parking, bike storage, building security, and maintenance.

You should also inquire about the future development of the space. For instance, when renting office space in a newly constructed building, you want to be aware of potential or scheduled construction to ensure you're not signing on to work beneath a construction zone for the next six months.


When looking for the perfect office space for your business, contact the professionals at David McDonald Rentals in Hinesville, GA. For over 28 years, this family-owned rental property management company has provided guidance and assistance to business-owners throughout Liberty County and the surrounding area. Contact their knowledgeable staff today at (912) 368-9218 to schedule a showing, or visit them online for more information about their current properties.

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