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4 Tips for Condo or Apartment Building Construction February 5, 2020

Fair Haven, New Haven
4 Tips for Condo or Apartment Building Construction, New Haven, Connecticut

As a landowner, you should have some ideas to bring to a home builder when developing apartments or condos. These residential areas require careful planning to ensure you can bring in new renters or owners as soon as possible. If you’re not sure where to begin, use the guide below. 

What to Consider Before Building an Apartment or Condo

1. Layout 

Choosing the layout has a significant effect on who rents or purchases the units. Many developers opt for open or partially open layouts, as they offer the most versatile use. This design style features minimal walls to promote flow and visibility. It also gives residents more flexibility in how they use the space and arrange their furniture. 

2. Soundproofing 

home builders New Haven County CTEnsure each unit features soundproofing so residents can’t hear their neighbors or passing traffic. This feature is especially useful in dense housing developments like apartment buildings or condominiums, where residents may share a wall. 

3. Building Guides

Hire a home builder who is well-versed in federal, state, and local building codes. This will ensure that you avoid violations and ensuing delays and expenses.

Your contractor should also be familiar with ADA laws. This is a necessity if your building will include public or communal spaces, like parking lots or an on-site leasing office. Although the rules don’t cover private residences, keeping universal design principles in mind can be attractive to older buyers, or those who plan to live in the home long-term and age there. 

4. Scheduling

Landowners must work with their home builders to understand the schedule of their developments. Learning when to expect project completion will help you create timely marketing initiatives and buzz. While building timelines are expected to change, you should still have an estimate of when the building will be livable, along with allowances for delays and issues that may pop up.


If you are interested in building condos or apartments with a professional team of custom contractors, contact Santoro Development in New Haven County, CT. The team has over 30 years of experience providing general contracting services, including onsite management, cost analysis, and architectural design. Call this company at (203) 287-9787 or visit the website for information on their commercial and residential contracting services.

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