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4 Roofing Issues to Watch Out for This Winter January 28, 2020

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4 Roofing Issues to Watch Out for This Winter, Clarksville, Maryland

Winter can wreak havoc on your roofing. The freezing temperatures and gradual accumulation weaken the materials until they need repair. Thankfully, with a few simple precautions, you can avoid breaking the budget. Consider the following to ensure that you’re prepared for this season.

Which Roofing Problems Can Arise in the Winter?

1. Condensation

When warm air comes into contact with cold air, it increases condensation. The moisture promotes the growth of mold that gradually reduces indoor air quality and jeopardizes the structure. Have a roofing contractor perform a thorough inspection to determine where to install additional vents.

2. Flashing Leaks

roofingFlashing is the metal material that’s found along the edge of the roof and around the chimney. Over time, ice accumulation can cause it to crack and allow water to trickle in through the seams. Completing repairs prior to the first snow, or as soon as you can, is the best form of protection.

3. Strong Wind

While roofing materials are made to hold up against the elements, the wind will eventually loosen them. Branches from nearby trees can hit the surface and cause shingles to break. Anchoring down the materials and having an arborist trim back the trees can preserve the roof until spring.

4. Ice Dams

Warm, internal temperatures can cause the snow to melt rapidly. However, since it tends to be a lot colder along the edges of the roof, the liquid will freeze again once reaching this point. These ice dams then weigh down the materials until they begin to pull away. Installing insulation along the attic ceiling is the most effective method for maintaining a consistent temperature along the top of the roof.


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