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How to Keep Raccoons Out of the Trash February 3, 2020

Cleves, Miami
How to Keep Raccoons Out of the Trash, Miami, Ohio

If you go outside and your garbage can and trash are all over the ground, a raccoon is a likely culprit. Trash is a treasure trove of edible food for raccoons and they will take advantage if they can. Try these tips below to prevent them from causing a smelly mess, and call a wildlife removal specialist if the issue persists.

5 Tips for Raccoon Prevention

1. Control Smells

Raccoons are attracted to the smell of garbage. If you have particularly strong-smelling garbage, double bag it to keep smells in. Wash out trash cans periodically with an ammonia-based cleaner. Not only does this eliminate food smells, but the ammonia odor will help deter animals.

2. Protect Trash

Keep your trash cans in a small fenced area and make sure they are on level ground, so they are challenging to access. Cover and secure compost heaps with a fence or self-contained composter.

3. Secure the Lids

wildlife removalIf you use personal garbage cans, buy ones that specifically prevent pesky wildlife. Attach lids with a bungee cord through both handles and across the lid or put a weight on top to keep it on.

4. Utilize Light

If you cannot protect outside garbage cans, keep trash inside until the morning of the pickup day. Raccoons are nocturnal and are not likely to cause trouble in the daytime. Another option is to install a floodlight or motion-activated light near your garbage cans to scare them away.

5. Use an Animal Repellent

Animal repellents use scent, taste, or both for raccoon control. The most effective method is to use a granular repellent around your trash cans and a spray repellent applied to both cans and bags. Do this regularly, or it will lose its effectiveness.


If you need help with wildlife removal in the Greater Cincinnati, OH area, turn to ASAP Critter People. They will quickly and effectively remove nuisance wildlife including raccoons, squirrels, bats, skunks, moles, and more from your property. They also install vent guards, chimney caps, and other blockages that prevent critters from reestablishing themselves. Call 513-941-0258 to schedule an appointment. For more information about their wildlife removal services, visit them online.

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