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3 Tips for More Efficient Printing January 31, 2020

Charleston, Staten Island
3 Tips for More Efficient Printing, Staten Island, New York

As computers have become essential tools in both home and business environments, so have printers. These devices give users an easy, convenient way to produce documents on demand, ensuring a smooth workflow, detailed recordkeeping, and quick access to documents. Here are a few tips for more efficient printing.

A Guide to More Effective Printing

1. Always Use the Print Preview Feature

Most computers allow users to preview any document to be printed before it is sent to the printer. By using this feature, you will see what the final product will look like. This way, you can go back and make any text edits and formatting adjustments before printing.

When printing directly from a website, look for and click on a printer icon instead of printing the entire webpage; in most cases, the icon will take you to a printer-friendly page that offers a preview and eliminates ads and comments. In each of these instances, the preview option streamlines efficiency, saves time and money, and prevents wear and tear on your printer.

2. Utilize the Low Power Mode

printerIn most homes and offices, printers aren't running around the clock. Revisit the settings panel on your computer to guarantee it is set to automatically revert to a low-power/sleep mode after a certain period of inactivity. Not only will this help save on utility costs, but it will also prevent the unit from overheating, giving you more life out of your printer.

3. Stock Up on Ink

Always have at least one backup of every ink color. Whether you're at home or at work, running out can be a frustrating experience, and a printer that produces light or missing colors isn't going to give you the needed results. Regularly check ink levels and backup supplies, and always recycle used ink cartridges to minimize waste.


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