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4 Tips for Designing a Great Dog Park March 20, 2020

Park Avenue, Rochester
4 Tips for Designing a Great Dog Park, Rochester, New York

A high-quality dog park is a fantastic addition to any residential community, making your development more attractive to those who like to keep their pets active and socialized. However, designing a pleasant park that both humans and dogs will love can be more complex than it initially appears. Below are a few factors professional architects take into consideration when planning a new dog park.

How to Build a Dog Park

1. Consider Scale 

A comfortable park should have room for dogs to run and spread out, but too much space can be difficult to clean and maintain. Space for the project may be limited, but try to set aside at least an acre of land for the dogs to run, play, and bathe in a water fixture. 

2. Select Underutilized Areas

architectSlopes, rough ground, or particularly damp soil can make parts of a property unsuitable for building, even on the best commercial site. Placing the dog park in these areas is an effective way to add value to spaces that might otherwise go to waste and add amenities without displacing other buildings.

3. Plan the Plumbing

Dog owners may shy away from parks without a source of drinking water and a station for rinsing off their pets. Installing the plumbing can be especially complicated if the park is located far from the nearest building, so consult an architect about the best way to add these essential features. With the proper plumbing, you will be able to add water fixtures like fountains and sprinklers. 

4. Choose the Surface Material Carefully

Grass is a common surface feature in dog parks, but the constant activity can kill the plants, eventually leaving exposed dirt. Wood chips reduce mud and keep weeds from sprouting. However, it will have to be replenished regularly, especially if your park gets a lot of visitors. To minimize maintenance costs and hygiene issues, you might consider installing specially designed artificial turf engineered to withstand heavy use and to eliminate odors.


Whether you’re renovating a public park or building an apartment community, Pardi Partnership Architects PC in Rochester, NY, offers the expertise to create a comfortable environment for dogs and owners alike. Their team has been serving developers since 1988, delivering award-winning results in a diverse range of commercial building projects. Visit their website or Facebook for a look at some of their past projects, or call (585) 454­-4670 to discuss your development today.

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