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3 Ways to Protect Your Home From Water Damage February 13, 2020

Richmond Hill, Bryan
3 Ways to Protect Your Home From Water Damage, Richmond Hill, Georgia

Water damage to your home can be devastating, but there are steps you can take to help prevent it. Staying vigilant and performing regular maintenance services keeps small, easily fixed problems from escalating into something worse. Follow these three preventive measures and help your home avoid restoration costs.

How To Protect Your Home From Water Damage

1. Fix Leaks

If you see a leak, fix it—but don’t just wait to spot one. Once a month, take a look around your home to check for any early signs of one springing up. Look out for dark spots inside sink cabinets and under pipes, toilets that feel loose, stain patches on ceilings, and leaky faucets or showerheads.

At least once or twice a year, inspect your roof for leaks and damage, including tiles and shingles. This is a wise idea after any particularly heavy storms, too.

2. Clear Gutters

When a gutter gets clogged up with dirt and debris, water has few places to go other than into the roof and attic, where it develops wood rot and mold, or to overflow the top of the gutter, damaging the siding and potentially causing foundation erosion and landscape damage. If the water damage in the roof is left long enough, it could seep into the interior walls as well.

Prevent this from happening by regularly cleaning your gutters, especially just before winter when the trees have shed their leaves, and by installing gutter guards. These sit over your gutter, allowing water to flow through but preventing anything larger from getting inside.

3. Investigate High Water Bills

water damageWater damage can be an invisible menace if there’s a leak somewhere you don’t frequently access, such as the roof or crawl space. Too often, the first time you’ll know of a leak in these areas is because your water bill is unusually high compared to previous months for no apparent reason.

If you’re suspicious of how much water you appear to be using, take a look around your property or call out a plumber to check any hidden areas that are beyond a casual search.


If your home has water damage, call in the experts to clean it up. The technicians at Serclean in Richmond Hill, GA, are the #1 indoor environmental professionals in Bryan County. They have over 25 years’ experience in providing leading disaster recovery services, including water, smoke and fire damage cleanup, chemical decontamination, and mold testing and removal. Their use of state-of-the-art equipment and solutions has earned them a reputation for completing every task carefully and with attention to detail. Call (912) 355-1981 today to schedule a consultation or visit their website to learn more about their services.

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