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3 Ways a House Cleaning Service Can Help When Moving Out February 7, 2020

East New York, Brooklyn
3 Ways a House Cleaning Service Can Help When Moving Out, Brooklyn, New York

When it’s time to move out of a rental property, scheduling a thorough house cleaning could save you hundreds of dollars. Landlords are entitled to keep back as much of a security deposit as they see fit if a property isn’t left in as immaculate a condition as it was when you moved in, which could end up costing you a lot more than it would to restore it yourself. Here are three reasons why it’s worth putting the extra effort in at the end of your tenancy. 

How a House Cleaning Service Helps With Moving

1. Deep Clean

Guarantee a safety deposit return by hiring a professional house cleaning company to deep clean the apartment from top to bottom. A move-out cleaning gets inside all the appliances, like the microwave, refrigerator, and oven. The team makes the bathrooms sparkle and cleans hard-to-reach areas, such as inside cupboards, on top of doors, and tile grouting.

2. Help Declutter

Anything you don’t plan on taking with you needs to be disposed of correctly, not left in the apartment or in a communal area for someone else to sort out. It’s wise to start decluttering months ahead of moving, as that gives you ample time to sell, scrap, or donate anything you no longer need. A professional cleaning company is a welcome help during this time. They can clean each room as you declutter it and dispose of the trash, leaving you to sort out what should go to a local refuse center, and what may need to go to a waste management facility. 

3. Make Small Repairs

house cleaningCleaning your apartment exposes all those scrapes and holes a landlord may penalize you for if they have to fix them themselves. Fill in holes where you hung paintings or shelves and remove scuffs walls.

Additionally, restore any walls you painted over to the color they were before; otherwise, you may be charged for a professional decorator to do it instead. Once you’re finished, schedule a professional cleaner to sweep, vacuum, and mop the floors for a clean, polished look.



If you need end-of-tenancy house cleaning services, bring in the experts. Right Cleaning in Brooklyn, NY, offers one of the most comprehensive residential cleaning services in New York City. Every one of their professional cleaners is bonded and insured, and they’re so proud of their work, they promise 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you’re not ready to move just yet, they also offer basic cleaning services to keep your home spotless week after week. Call (212) 655-7153 to schedule a service. 

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