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4 Factors to Consider When Building a Home Addition Above the Garage January 29, 2020

Washburn, Bayfield
4 Factors to Consider When Building a Home Addition Above the Garage, Washburn, Wisconsin

An over-the-garage home addition is a creative way to add some extra space to your dwelling. If you’re considering putting a bedroom above your garage, however, you must follow some unique building codes. Consider the following aspects of the project so you can fit the addition seamlessly into your home. 

How to Add a Room Above a Garage

1. Walls & Insulation

Insulate the walls, ceiling, and roof to stay warm when the temperature starts to drop. Most garages aren’t well-insulated, so you can’t place a floor in the room above without insulation in the garage ceiling. The utilities, doors, and windows are added to the new room after it’s framed, so plan ahead to avoid interference with the structural integrity.

2. Plumbing & Utilities

Extending plumbing pipes to a new laundry room or bathroom can be challenging, especially if the wastewater drain is on the other side of the house. You’ll also need to plan electric wiring for lighting and outlets and determine whether or not it interferes with the positioning of doorways and windows. Consider these apertures and the utilities in conjunction with each other to avoid problems.

3. Garage & Design

home additionJust as this home addition needs to have proper insulation, electricity, and plumbing, builders also need to consider if the new room will interfere with the garage in any way. Since garages often contain long, open spans without much support, it’s difficult—but not impossible—to build a structurally sound space above. Check with engineers to ensure the garage can withstand the weight.

4. Building Codes

Similar to any other structure, there are restrictions on building a room above a garage. For example, in Wisconsin, attached garages need to be insulated with ¾-hour fire-resistive ceilings and walls or contain various layers of gypsum drywall. Always consult your state building codes before attempting this or any project.


If your home needs a little extra space and you’ve decided the solution is another room, contact the construction contractors at Dahl Construction Co. in Bayfield, WI. Since 1976, this family-operated and -owned construction company has served its clients by specializing in custom homes, roofing, pole buildings, and multiple other home additions. Visit them online to explore their services, or call (715) 779-3600 today for a free estimate.

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