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3 Benefits of Having a Water Well January 28, 2020

Dimmitt, Castro
3 Benefits of Having a Water Well, Dimmitt, Texas

Modern water wells are a far cry from older varieties, capable of pumping clean, fresh water from underwater aquifers unlike dangerous bucket wells. However, many people wonder whether or not they could benefit from having a well drilling contractor install their own. Here are a few reasons you should consider a water well for your property. 

Why Consider a Water Well

1. Be Self-Reliant

When you have your own water well, you can enjoy the perks of being self-reliant. Instead of depending on your local municipality for water, you can simply enjoy your own source year after year. Water from wells can be used indoors for cooking, drinking, and bathing, as well as outdoors for irrigation, making it easy. 

2. Save Money

well installationA well installation can save you lots of money in the long run, especially if you are a heavy water user. For instance, if you have a large yard that requires a great deal of irrigation or if you have a large family, not worrying about the water bill can be helpful. 

3. Avoid Contaminants 

Since well water is untreated, it contains fewer contaminants than water varieties treated by municipalities. For instance, in many big cities, the water is used and reused, being constantly run through water treatment plants to remove microbes and other germs. Unfortunately, some of the cleaning chemicals can linger in the water, exposing people to potential allergens. On the other hand, by having a well drilling contractor install a well, you’ll have a convenient source of water that is free of additives. 


If you are thinking about a well installation for your home or business, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team of well drilling contractors at Conyers Well Service in Dimmitt, TX. With a commitment to safety, top water quality, and urgent repairs, these professionals can help you to enjoy fresh, clean water. To find out more about how they can help, visit their website or give their office a call at (806) 647-3215.