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Becker Movers Shares Easy Ways to Host a Yard Sale Before Your Move September 10, 2013

Maplewood, Rochester
Becker Movers Shares Easy Ways to Host a Yard Sale Before Your Move, Rochester, New York

Before moving, people will often host garage or yard sales to make a few bucks on unwanted items or pass along old treasures to new owners. However, moving is an extremely time consuming venture, and many people simply don't feel like they have the time to organize and host a sale.

Becker Movers will move absolutely every treasure and knick-knack you want to hold onto, but if a purge is what you're looking for, here are a few ideas and bits of advice from the moving professionals that will help you hold a successful pre-move yard sale:

  • Group sales are easier and more fun. Ask your neighbors or a friend if they want to get involved. You will find out you're not the only one who has been putting it off.
  • Figuring out what has to go can be difficult. Don't feel guilty about holding onto sentimental items, but be honest. If you haven't used it, touched it, or even looked at it in a year, it can probably go. A great trick for clothing is to turn all your clothing hangers backwards and see what goes unturned for months to decide what can go.
  • Inventory your items. While this seems like an unnecessary effort for a yard sale, those little price tag stickers can get lost easily and you won't want to deal with the pressure of coming up with a price on the spot.
  • In terms of pricing, you want to price at around 1/4 the original price with the exception of antiques and new or gently used items. Prices should change as it gets later in the day; you definitely don't want to have to pack this stuff back up.
  • Be willing to haggle! Haggling with customers can be fun, and you can always say no.
  • Advertise your sale! Have your kids make some adorable street signs, or be a bit more professional and place ads in local publications. The internet is a great place to get free advertising, as well as posting on Facebook, Craig's List, or even sending a few emails to local friends.
  • Carry your cash with you. Cash boxes can run off in all the chaos and you will want that money to spruce up your new place!
  • In the likely case that you have some lingering items at the end of the day, post those on Craig's List or FreeCycle to get the rest of your stuff picked up. You'd be amazed what people will take for free. Either that, or work out a way to donate!

If you're moving, or considering it, host a weekend yard sale this fall. The insured, licensed movers offer this advice as a way to make your move easier, but moving is a great undertaking that will involve many hands. Becker Movers offers comprehensive moving services at a reasonable price and calling (585) 267-5739 for a free estimate is the best way to make moving even easier. 

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