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3 Tips for Maintaining Utility Poles in the Winter February 5, 2020

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3 Tips for Maintaining Utility Poles in the Winter, Port Orchard, Washington

Winter weather means snow, ice, slush, and frosty temperatures. Because of these treacherous conditions, utility poles may sustain damage, which can be problematic for your property. Below are three maintenance tips to remember for the cold season.

How to Maintain Utility Poles in the Winter

1. Check for Damage

Inspect utility poles near your property and look for damage such as holes, rotting or diseased wood, or peeling. When there is structural trouble, pests and small animals may nest inside as well. This can weaken the stability of the pole, which means they are less capable of staying upright when heavy snow accumulates on them, or a strong wind blows through. Your property is in danger if the pole tips over.

2. Highlight the Area

utility polesInclement weather can affect visibility on the roads, and accidents in snowy, icy weather may happen. Place reflective markers around utility poles so that drivers can see them more clearly, even if the storm is coming down hard. Reflectors curb accidental impact from drivers skidding or backing into them.

3. Communicate With Professionals

If you see a pole that looks compromised or heavy snows are threatening to take down lines, call your utility company. Electricians will come out to stabilize the pole and check for areas that may pose a hazard. If the power goes out, be sure to alert the professionals about any downed lines, and be as precise with locations as possible so they can handle the situation promptly. Never try to fix a pole, especially one with live wires, yourself.



If you need help with utility poles near your property, trust George’s Electric in Port Orchard, WA. These licensed, bonded, and insured electricians bring more than 45 years of experience to every job. From electrical panels to generators, their professional services ensure you have the power you need for your space. Call (360) 895-9482 to schedule an appointment or visit their website for more on their electrical services.

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