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3 Reasons to Choose Stidham Insurance Agency January 17, 2020

Dumas, Moore
3 Reasons to Choose Stidham Insurance Agency, Dumas, Texas

A reliable insurance company will help you protect what matters most in life. This includes your home, automobile, and even family. Stidham Insurance Agency offers the benefit of more than four decades of experience, whether you’re shopping for a new policy or filing a claim. Here are a few reasons to work with this trusted company to satisfy your insurance needs. 

What Are the Benefits of Working With Stidham Insurance Agency?

1. They Are a Part of the Community

Working with a big insurance company can be disheartening. These companies often have so many clients that everyone becomes little more than a number.

When working with an agency that prides itself on being a part of the surrounding community, you can expect more personalized treatment. Your voice will be heard.  

2. They Take the Time to Find Affordable Policies

insurance companyCaptive insurance agencies have little control over the prices of their policies. In this case, you must take or leave the coverage you’re offered, regardless of whether it fits into your budget or not. 

With an independent company, agents are free to shop around. By checking with different carriers, they ensure that their policies offer the right level of coverage at prices you can afford. 

3. They Believe in Direct Communication

When you contact your insurance company, you want swift replies and clear, concise answers. This is especially necessary when filing a claim. 

These kind and caring agents are committed to direct communication, and they even take steps to make sure that all clients receive quality service. That’s why their staff includes bilingual agents, who can assist a diverse array of clients. 


Stidham Insurance Agency can help you find dependable policies for both individuals as well as businesses. If you’d like to learn more about your coverage options in Dumas, TX, please call the insurance company at (806) 935-6888. You can also learn more about their personal insurance service online

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