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4 Ways to Keep Your Heating & Cooling System Pest-Free January 28, 2020

Liberty, Ross
4 Ways to Keep Your Heating & Cooling System Pest-Free, Liberty, Ohio

Keeping pests out of your heating and cooling system is a challenge during winter. They’re looking for shelter, and the warmth of the vents provides an ideal location. Thankfully, with a few precautions, you can easily deter unwanted guests. Consider the following to ensure sufficient preparations are in place.

4 Tips for Keeping Pests Out of Your HVAC

1. Seal Openings

Any cracks or gaps that appear along the outer edges of the ducts provide easy access to the home. Pests don’t require much room, and the tiny openings act as an invitation. Performing an inspection with a licensed HVAC contractor will allow you to pinpoint weak areas and apply sealant.

2. Schedule Regular Service

heating and coolingThe outdoor location makes the condenser a prime target for pests. Not to mention that smaller critters, such as insects and mice, can easily slip through the bars and build nests inside. Scheduling regular heating and cooling services will clear out the condenser and prevent loose debris from clogging the mechanisms.

3. Install Vent Covers

Exterior vents on a heating and cooling system maintain pressure to produce consistent airflow. However, they’re completely open and could provide access to unwanted pests. Use a cover that features a sturdy, mesh-like material to prevent entry and keep your system clear.

4. Clear Drainage Clogs

Every furnace has a drain that removes water and keeps the system dry. Those that clog will begin to experience puddling, which is known to attract pests. Clearing it out during routine maintenance will preserve functionality and reduce the potential for an infestation.


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