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Your Guide To Getting the Most Out of Your Extracurricular Activities January 14, 2020

Metuchen, Middlesex County
Your Guide To Getting the Most Out of Your Extracurricular Activities, Metuchen, New Jersey

Even if you attend a well-rated private high school, extracurricular activities will give you a cutting edge on college applications. Not all extracurriculars are equal, though, so you need to understand which private school extracurriculars will get you the furthest. Below is a brief guide to what extracurriculars to do while in a public or private high school to prepare for college.

What Extracurriculars Boost Chance of College Admission

Joining any extracurricular activity that you can get into won’t impress college boards. Activities that are complex, unique, and hard to get into are where you’ll separate yourself from the rest of the applicants. You want prestigious clubs and groups that have high expectations for their members and constantly challenge you. 

They should also go above and beyond standard knowledge competitions to do something original, memorable, and impressive outside of their private school. How do those clubs use their knowledge, skills, or passion to better their community? What changes are they making or large projects are they working on? You want a club that the admissions board will be curious about and requires you to explain further what you accomplished while there.

How Extracurriculars Should Evolve Throughout Private High School

In your freshman year, you should enroll in as many extracurriculars that your public or Catholic high school offers that you’re interested in. Art, sciences, journalism, math, and technology are all great subject areas. During sophomore year, you should cut a few loose that you aren’t interested in or that don’t challenge you. 

Your junior year will be about cultivating leadership positions throughout those clubs or elsewhere in your school, as leadership roles are what draw the eyes of college admissions boards. For your senior year, maintain any leadership roles you’ve gained, and consider creating your own club or group to leave behind for the students that will come after you. The organization you create should be ambitious and fill a niche that none of the other extracurriculars offer.


The private high school you attend will also influence your college application. Saint Joseph High School in Metuchen, NJ, is a top-rated private Catholic high school for boys. They serve Middlesex, Union, Essex, Hunterdon, Somerset, and Monmouth Counties with challenging studies on a beautiful 70-acre campus. A host of elective courses and clubs that focus on arts, music, coding, debate, skiing, and even video games are offered to students. Learn more about their clubs online, and call (732) 549-7600 to arrange a meeting and tour.